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Dreem Jelly Summer TV Campaign – “No Summer Without Dreem Jelly”

Dreem Jelly, once a highly popular treat, had recently fallen out of regular use due to the influx of various new sweets in the market. To bring Dreem Jelly back to the forefront, especially during the vibrant summer season, Dreem launched the “No Summer Without Dreem Jelly” campaign. This campaign aimed to rekindle the love for jelly among children and families by highlighting its delightful taste and versatility. It featured a catchy song and an engaging dance routine, which quickly resonated with the target audience and went viral on social media.


Strategy and Execution:

  1. Creative Concept: Positioned Dreem Jelly as an essential part of summer with the theme “No Summer Without Dreem Jelly,” featuring a catchy song and engaging dance.
  2. Song and Dance: Developed a memorable song highlighting the fun and taste of Dreem Jelly, paired with a simple dance routine to captivate children.
  3. TV Commercial: Showcased families enjoying Dreem Jelly in various summer activities while dancing to the song, ending with the tagline, “No Summer Without Dreem Jelly.”
  4. Social Media Campaign: Shared the TV ad and behind-the-scenes content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, encouraging user participation with the hashtag #NoSummerWithoutDreem.
  5. User-Generated Content: Invited families to post videos of their dance routines, featuring the best entries on Dreem’s social media pages for organic promotion.
  6. Influencer Collaborations: Partnered with child influencers and family-oriented personalities to extend the campaign’s reach and create additional buzz.






- Awareness: Reintroduce Dreem Jelly to Egyptian households, especially targeting children. - Engagement: Create engaging content that sticks in children’s minds. -Education: Demonstrate the diverse uses and fun aspects of Dreem Jelly. - Sales: Drive renewed interest in purchasing and using Dreem Jelly at home.


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-Viral Impact: The catchy song and engaging dance routine resonated with children and families, leading to widespread sharing and a viral hit. The hashtag #NoSummerWithoutDreem trended on social media. -High Engagement: The campaign saw substantial participation from the target audience, with thousands of user-generated content entries and high interaction rates across platforms. -Brand Recall: The campaign successfully improved brand recall and sentiment, reestablishing Dreem Jelly as a beloved summer treat. -Sales Growth: Retailers reported a notable increase in Dreem Jelly sales, indicating a successful reintroduction and renewed interest in the product. Positive PR: Media outlets covered the campaign positively, highlighting Dreem’s innovative and engaging approach to reconnecting with consumers.


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