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LACTEL Greek Yogurt TV Campaign Targeting Gen Z in Egypt


In the dynamic landscape of marketing, reaching Gen Z—a demographic characterized by their digital savviness, preference for authenticity, and quick consumption of content—poses a unique challenge. LACTEL, a renowned dairy brand, embarked on an innovative campaign to promote their Greek yogurt, tailored specifically for the Egyptian market. By leveraging the power of music, specifically rap, LACTEL sought to highlight the features and benefits of their Greek yogurt in a way that resonated with Gen Z. The campaign proved to be a massive success, especially on social media platforms


  1. Song Creation: LACTEL collaborated with a popular local rapper ( Ahmed Basyouni), known for his appeal to the youth, to write and perform a song about Greek yogurt. The lyrics highlighted the key benefits such as high protein content, probiotics, and low-fat nature of the yogurt.
  2. Music Video: A vibrant and high-energy music video was produced, featuring dynamic visuals and an engaging storyline that showcased young individuals enjoying LACTEL Greek yogurt in various fun and active scenarios.
  3. TV Promotion: The music video was aired on popular TV channels during prime time slots, ensuring maximum visibility. The use of television helped to legitimize the campaign and reach a broad audience spectrum.
  4. Social Media Campaign: Understanding the digital orientation of Gen Z, the campaign was heavily promoted on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. LACTEL encouraged users to create their own rap videos using the hashtag #LactelRapChallenge, offering prizes for the best entries.




- Awareness: Increase brand and product awareness among Gen Z in Egypt. - Engagement: Encourage social media interactions and shares. - Education: Inform the target audience about the health benefits and features of LACTEL Greek yogurt. - Conversion: Drive product trials and increase sales.


A+, A, B+ , B Youth Teenage


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Strategy: LACTEL recognized the cultural relevance of rap music among Gen Z and decided to create a campaign around a rap song that communicated the features and benefits of Greek yogurt. The approach was to create a catchy, relatable, and memorable rap song, which would then be promoted via TV and social media.


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Virality: The rap song and its music video quickly gained traction and went viral on social media. Thousands of users participated in the #LactelRapChallenge, sharing their creative takes and further spreading the campaign's reach. Engagement: The campaign garnered millions of views, likes, shares, and comments. It became a trending topic on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, significantly increasing engagement with the brand. Brand Awareness: There was a notable spike in brand recognition and product awareness among the target demographic. Surveys indicated that a large percentage of the Gen Z population in Egypt could recall the campaign and the product features. Sales Impact: Following the campaign, LACTEL observed a substantial increase in sales of their Greek yogurt. Retailers reported a surge in demand, and many first-time buyers cited the campaign as the reason for their purchase. Media Coverage: The campaign’s success caught the attention of various media outlets, leading to additional coverage and discussions about the innovative approach LACTEL had taken.

TV Views

+ 70 Million

Social Media Platforms Views

+20 Million