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Olympic Water Heater TV Campaign – “Always There for You”


Olympic, a leading water heater brand in Egypt with a longstanding history, launched a nostalgic and engaging TV campaign to reinforce its connection with Egyptian consumers. The campaign, centered around a catchy song that emphasizes the role of the Olympic water heater in daily life, aimed to celebrate the brand’s legacy and deepen its emotional bond with customers. The campaign generated widespread attention, especially on social media platforms, highlighting Olympic’s enduring presence in Egyptian households.

Strategy and Execution:

  1. Creative Concept: The campaign was built around the idea that the Olympic water heater has been a consistent, reliable presence in Egyptian homes for decades. The concept was brought to life through a song that narrated the relationship between consumers and their Olympic heater throughout various moments of the day.
  2. Song Creation: A nostalgic yet modern song was composed, blending traditional Egyptian music with contemporary elements. The lyrics celebrated the heater’s dependability and presence in everyday life, from morning showers to evening baths.
  3. TV Commercials: A series of heartfelt and relatable commercials were produced featuring diverse Egyptian families and individuals using the Olympic water heater in different scenarios. Each ad highlighted how the product seamlessly fits into their daily routines.
  4. Tagline: The commercials concluded with the tagline, “Always There for You,” reinforcing the message of reliability and continuity.

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Campaign Objectives: - Brand Reinforcement: Strengthen Olympic’s position as a trusted, long-standing brand in Egypt. - Emotional Connection: Highlight the brand’s integral role in consumers' daily lives. - Engagement: Drive social media interactions and shares. - Awareness: Boost overall brand visibility and reach.


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- Viral Impact: The nostalgic and relatable nature of the campaign song struck a chord, leading to widespread sharing and discussions on social media. The hashtag #OlympicAlwaysThere became a trending topic. - High Engagement: The campaign saw significant user engagement, with thousands of consumers participating by sharing their stories and engaging with Olympic’s social media content. - Brand Recognition: Olympic experienced a boost in brand recognition and recall, with surveys indicating high resonance of the campaign message with the target audience. - Emotional Connection: The campaign was successful in deepening the emotional bond between the brand and consumers, reinforcing Olympic’s image as a reliable household companion. Sales Impact: The heightened visibility and positive sentiment around the brand contributed to an increase in sales and market share.