Zanussi | “Always Ahead”

Zanussi Home Appliances TV Campaign – “Always Ahead”


Zanussi, a leading home appliance brand, launched the “Always Ahead” campaign to reinforce its positioning as a pioneer in technology and innovation. To resonate with the Egyptian audience and showcase its superiority over competitors, Zanussi enlisted the star power of Nelly Karim, a beloved actress, and Hisham Ashour, a world-renowned squash champion, as brand ambassadors. The campaign aired on TV and rapidly gained traction on social media, enhancing Zanussi’s brand visibility and engagement.

Strategy and Execution:

  1. Creative Concept: Focused on “Always Ahead,” emphasizing Zanussi’s advanced technology and innovation, depicted through everyday use by the brand ambassadors.
  2. Celebrity Endorsement: Leveraged the appeal of Nelly Karim and Hisham Ashour to attract a wide audience and build trust.
  3. TV Commercial: Featured Nelly and Hisham showcasing Zanussi appliances’ latest features, culminating with the tagline “Always Ahead with Zanussi.”
  4. Social Media Campaign: Extended the TV commercial’s reach with behind-the-scenes content, personal testimonials, and interactive posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.




- Brand Positioning: Establish Zanussi as a market leader in home appliance innovation. - Awareness: Increase brand awareness in the Egyptian market. - Trust and Reliability: Leverage the credibility of well-known personalities to build consumer trust. - Engagement: Drive interaction on social media platforms. - Sales: Boost sales and market share of Zanussi home appliances.


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1 - Viral Impact: The star power of Nelly Karim and Hisham Ashour, combined with a compelling message, resulted in the campaign going viral. The hashtag #AlwaysAheadWithZanussi trended on social media, significantly increasing the campaign's visibility. 2- High Engagement: The interactive elements of the campaign, particularly the user-generated content and Q&A sessions, garnered high levels of engagement. Followers actively participated, sharing their own stories using Zanussi products. 3- Brand Recognition: The campaign successfully elevated Zanussi’s brand recognition. Surveys indicated a marked increase in consumer awareness and positive perception of Zanussi's technological leadership. 4- Trust and Credibility: The endorsement by respected figures like Nelly and Hisham bolstered consumer trust and confidence in Zanussi products. 5- Sales Growth: The heightened visibility and positive sentiment around the brand translated into increased sales and a stronger market position for Zanussi in Egypt.


100+ Million

Social Media Results

40+ Million